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Globalization is a phenomenon growing all over the world, making its power felt also in India in all spheres of life. Globalization has entered the education field, consequently the greatest threat being faced by Higher Education in India today is what may be described as the “marketisation of education”. The immediate consequences of the process of marketisation of education in India are the exclusion of the poor, the promotion of a culture of consumerism and neglect of humanities and social services. Government support to Higher Education is declining and private investment is on the increase with sole motive being profit rather than service or social relevance.

Keeping in mind the present day need and growth in the field of Higher Education the Diocese of Guntur Society has started MBA, MCA Post graduate Colleges along with Engineering and B.Pharmacy professional colleges respectively. The intention and vision of the society to take up the cause of higher education especially in the field of professional courses is to equip the students with necessary skills, knowledge and leadership qualities. Thus education envisaged by the society not only aims at the academic excellence but also at awakening in the minds of the young people a sense of commitment to the society and willingness to share with it, benefits of the education they have received. In other words formation of a person is as important as academic excellence.
The motto depicts that one feels happy when he serves others. Such a heart collects the delighted smiles of all, ultimately making him/her the happiest among others. The antithesis of selfishness is self sacrificing love. Agape is such love which expects nothing in return. Alexander and Napoleon conquered the world with sword but Mother Theresa achieved it with love. A saying in English goes like this.
NOT how much have you got
BUT how much have you given
how much have you won
BUT how much have you done
NOT how much have you saved
BUT how much have you sacrificed
NOT Tape around your head
BUT Around your heart
measures Celestial riches.
The institution imparts knowledge as well as social consciousness of service to develop the society.
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